Our main goals in this is process are to raise enough money to support our football program, be as efficient as possible, and in turn, give back to the generous supporters of Westview High School Football. Together we can!
Annual Casino Night
This is a kick off event to celebrate each season as well as bring the alumni and community together. Activities include Poker Tournament, Blackjack tournament, Craps table, silent auction, food, raffles and lots of fun! Photos from 2011.

Sponsorship Package
This fundraiser is designed to get local businesses involved in supporting Wildcat Football. They can choose from 4 different packages. First, businesses can be featured on our website. Next, they can choose to put their business card on our team poster and display it at their place of business. There is also the option of having a 4’x8’ sign hung at all of our home games. Finally, they can choose to purchase all three options for a discounted price. Although this program is designed to attract businesses, families or groups of families can also get involved by purchasing one or all of these packages. May, June, July.

Gold Cards
This is an annual fund raiser that we do here at Westview with a company called Varsity Gold. Our players sell discount cards to the people in the community, and we get a portion of the proceeds from Varsity Gold. It is an inexpensive way for the casual fan to help fund the huge undertaking of running one of the state’s premier football programs. We have been participating in this fundraiser since 1998, and it has been very successful.